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My 126th consecutive USC football game was on September 28th at Arizona State this year. It has been quite the adventure attending that many games in a row. Fond memories include Miami games in January, amusement at hearing \”pig sooie\” as a battle cry, enduring the fog at OSU and the sleet at WASU, and heart stopping game finale I prefer to call a \”ballroom spin\” over a \”push\” are just some of my highlights. Over the years, I\’ve often thought that it is we fans who really make up the team. Consider this players graduate, coaches come and go, but year after year, decade after decade, the fans remain – loyal and ever present. We fans truly form the identity of the USC Trojans. This year we may have experienced some unusually tough times. We move forward, learning valuable lessons as we do so. My friends and I have enthusiastic optimism to support our great football team. By being resilient and rallying together, we will Fight On!

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