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During the 1978 USC vs Michigan football game, my father, Dr. John D. Walters was so frustrated with the plays being called at the game, he wrote a note to Head Coach John Robinson on the only paper he had with him, which was one of his prescriptions that he carried in his wallet. Although his seats were near the 50 yard line, about half way up in the coliseum, he handed the note to the person seated in front of him with instructions to pass it down to Coach Robinson. The following May he received the attached letter from Coach Robinson referencing my father\\\’s \\\”prescription\\\”. (We added my fathers photo for this submission to Creative Productions) He was so proud of the fact that not only did his note get delivered to the coach, and that the coach took the time to respond to it, that my father kept the letter in his important documents file. This story is one of our families favorite Trojan football memories. My brother, sister and I are members of Committee(the athletic support group)and have three generations of Trojan alumni in our families. We have had our football season tickets for approximately 60 years, and plan to continue for many more generations to come.

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