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A Trojan Super Fan?

That could be someone that was raised by parents that never attended USC, but they held football season tickets for over 25 years. That could be someone that learned how to raise the “V for Victory” to Conquest before he could walk. It might be someone that knows every moment of the 55-24 game from his father who was sitting in the stadium. It is someone who attended Chapman University, but never missed a home USC football game during his college years. And it is definitely that someone who purchased season tickets with his first paycheck after college, and has been a season ticket holder since 1998.

Being a Super Fan is more than cheering for the Trojans on Saturdays when they are winning. It is feeling the chill run down your arm every time you hear the Trojan Marching Band fire up “Fight On!” It is never referring to USC as Southern Cal. It is never wearing blue and gold together. Ever.

What is Trojan Spirit?

Trojan spirit is wearing your cardinal and gold proudly, 12-0 or 0-12, knowing that the final result doesn’t outweigh the camaraderie and unity of being Trojans. It is different than any other bond – that shared belief: A Trojan for Life. Once you are a part of the Trojan Family, you have a feeling that you are united by shared beliefs and experiences, mutual happiness and proud accomplishment.

An example of this is when my wife and I were on a trip in Cape Town, South Africa. Ever since I could remember I had wanted to visit Cape Point in South Africa. I wanted to stand on that cliff, a piece of the southern most tip of the land, and stare out in the ocean toward Antarctica and see how beautiful our world is from that point. It was toward the end of the day on our drive, and we finally reached the front gate of the park for Cape Point. The park ranger told us we had only 1 hour, until the park gates would close and we would be trapped inside for the night. We were confident we could make it to the lookout point and back before that, so we headed off driving. We had talked all day about how once we did the hike to the lighthouse at the top of Cape Point, that we would take our picture there – while rocking our USC shirts. Maybe a Christmas card photo for next year, surely a cell phone screen saver, and we knew we were going to text it during the first home game to be on the big screen at the Coliseum!

We started the long and strenuous walk uphill to the lookout point. Half way up my wife removes her sweater, and realizes… she doesn’t have her USC shirt on! We check our watches, we are down to a half hour until the park closes and we will be trapped inside. There was no question; we would have to go back to the car. We had to get this picture! The Super Fan in both of us would not let us take a picture in my dream location without both of us proudly displaying our USC shirts. She made the run halfway down the hill, back to the car, grabbed her shirt, and walked as fast as she could back up to me. We finished the hike, and reached the lighthouse at the top. Our journey was complete…time for the picture. Little did we know, it was just beginning. We asked the only fellow tourist at the top of the mountain to take our picture for us. We thought that would be it, but Andreas would lead us to something more breathtaking.

“You can’t stop here, just a bit further is the real edge of the continent.” We just met this German man when we handed him our camera for the quick photos, but his warm smile and friendly nature suddenly had us following him further past the lighthouse. Andreas led us down a dirt path, through a gate that read “no entry” and out to the cliff point where this picture was taken. It was every bit as beautiful a view that I wanted it to be. The only sound was of the ocean hitting the cliffs and beach below. The air was crisp and clean. And Andreas snapped the photo of us standing there, in our USC gear taking it all in. And…to top it off…we made it out of the park, by just 4 minutes.

Trojan spirit is believing in something. Believing in yourself. Trusting your partner. Being a part of something that is bigger than you. Feeling unification with others in the Trojan family, all over the world. Saying hello to the fellow person wearing a SC shirt. Sharing a “Fight On!” wherever in the world your paths cross. It is being friendly to others, making friends around the world that open you up to new experiences and enrich your life. All of that wrapped up in those cardinal and gold colors, the interlocked SC on your chest. It is something you feel, not just something you do.

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