Creative Productions developed this unique Z-fold pocket destination guide designed to promote Metrolink routes and feature entertainment and activities surrounding desirable destinations. Its portability (when folded it is the size of a business card) makes it an attractive give-a-way for hotels, visitor bureaus and corporate partners.

Lexus USA

Lexus is synonymous with quality, service and luxury. This customer focused collateral launched an all-new service for appointment scheduling. Creative Productions designed all pieces to capture the elegance and appeal that matches up with Lexus quality and appeal.

Awards: Davey Award, Addy Award, Communicator Award, Maverick Award, MarCom Award

Toyota (prior client) project services performed between 2001-2016.

Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc.

Creative Productions created and placed the umbrella brand advertising campaign “Happy Customers” to promote the sale and installation of Genuine Toyota Parts to independent repair shops who regularly service Toyota vehicles. The core benefit statement of the campaign is the fit, function and reliability of Genuine Toyota Parts that help repair shops satisfy and retain their customers who own Toyota vehicles–and keep them “happy.”

Awards: Babcox Readers’ Choice (Two-Time Winner)

Toyota (prior client) project services performed between 2001-2016.

Shell Solar/Siemens Solar

This advertising campaign was developed in conjunction with Southern California Edison to tout the benefits of solar power. Creative Productions’ campaign drove home the message – “The Sun Never Bills You”  with billboards, bus shelters, print advertising and statement stuffers. 

Goodwill SOLAC

Creative Productions helped increase retail sales and broaden the appeal of the Goodwill stores, placing Goodwill in the same consideration set as such retailers as Ross, Target and Wal-Mart through campaigns that appeal to discount shoppers. Social responsibility was featured in earth day and donation ads to complement the retail message.

Awards:MarCom Creative Award

Goodwill SOLAC

Creative Productions developed a grassroots marketing campaigns aimed at students and youth. The goal was to get these shoppers into retail stores by promoting the individualistic appeal of Goodwill apparel and products. Materials were distributed via street teams to local college hangouts and on campuses.

Awards: MarCom Creative Award


Creative Productions created a personalized, RSVP Invitation direct mail piece that invited current Jaguar owners to test drive the new XJ8. This elegant piece included a special cash incentive offer.

Awards: Summit Award


Creative Productions designed these cards to connect with dealers, Scion-style. Grassroots marketing is a critical component to Scion marketing strategy. The club card campaign features Scion grassroots success stories and tips for unconventional marketing to this hard-to-reach Millennial audience.

Toyota (prior client) project services performed between 2001-2016.